About us, about Soltec™

Soltec – for better living comfort

Soltec is the brand name of MIPO. MIPO l.t.d. is a medium-sized private company based in Slovenia, with 16 years of tradition in development and production of shading solutions.
Soltec’s main goal is to create new solutions and provide max- imum living comfort and energy efficiency, which means en-suring passive cooling and quality daylight within the building.

Our mission

With a comprehensive selection of shades, Soltec provides inno- vative and technologically advanced products, which improve the quality of life, daylight inside the building, the aesthetic look of structures and lower energy consumption.

Soltec is a trademark of innovative sun protection systems of shading bound to having a lasting effect. With our products and services we ensure best value between passive cooling, quality daylight deep inside the building, well- lit rooms without glare and UV rays, transparency – view outside and the regulation of all things mentioned.

Building business excellence for customer satisfaction.

Soltec upholds its special responsibility to its customers, suppli- ers and business partners. Their expectations are realised with the help of highly qualified, motivated and business-oriented employees observing fundamental legal and ethical rules and accounting for environment protection and sustainable de- velopment. Soltec is a reliable partner and prepared to handle changes; in particular, we have been noted for our fast response to market demand.

What are we particulary distinguished by?

our own production, the use of modern technologies and high ect. quality products,

• many years of experience and knowledge
• a team of experienced engineers and a strong R&D department
• high flexibility and offer of non-standard solutions in line with technological roadmaps and requirements of the project
• flexibie and well-organized work
• innovative shading solutions and calculations for energy savings

Comapny details

Short name: Soltec – MIPO d.o.o.
Full name: MIPO proizvodnja in svetovanje d.o.o.
Address: Obrtna ulica 9, 8257 Dobova, Slovenija

T: +386 (0) 7 45 22 126
F: +386 (0) 7 45 22 128
E: info@soltec.si

VAT: SI48773867
Registration number: 5412277000

Date of entry in register: 18.10.1990, Okrožno sodišče v Krškem

Number of  registry stake: 1/01294/00
Initial capital: 175.000,00 EUR

Bank NLB d.d.
account number: SI56023730014425188

 +386 (0) 7 45 22 126