Roller shading system VARIO from SOLTEC™

Rooler blind VARIO – effective protection for winter gardens

Effective protection for winter gardens.
When we want to protect exterior glass roof surfaces. It is the most effective thermal protection for winter gardens. The linen is installed mostly from the outside of the glass roof surfaces, which is also the most suitable way.


Roller blind VARIO (pdf)

Roller blind VARIO (flash)

Soltis Black out (pdf)

Soltis B92

Technical data

Technical description

  • exterior horizontal screen roller blind type Vario
  • aluminium cartridge with dimensions 145mm
  • roller axle, aluminium, Ø 78
  • aluminium guides 65/65mm
  • lower ALU profile 90/60mm
  • all painted in RAL

The shutter is fixed over bracket guides into the roof construction.


The shutter is driven by a motor and a strong spring in the lower profile, which keeps the linen under tension. Constant tension of the linen is reached with the help of electro motor and strong spring, so the linen is sliding level on guides. Automatic drive can be installed in the places, where is a possibility for better control.

Dimensions and color

Linen is exterior, colour can be chosen. Linen is transparent so the room stays appropriately lighten. Linen is resistant to rain, snow, sun and wind with the speed up to 50 km/h. Max. dimensions are 450 cm wide and 500 cm height. All aluminium parts are standard painted in white RAL 9010 or brown RAL 8017. Cartridge dimensions are 138 x 143, dimensions of the guides are 55 x 65 mm.

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