In house production, installation and maintenance

Get all the products and all the service in one place

We are upgrading existing products with a team of experienced professionals and successfully develop new products and follow new trends. We are constantly adapting to the demands of customers, which includes constantly changing technological plans and highly flexible and well-organized work.

Installation and maintenance

Besides development, production and marketing, we also offer installation and maintenance services. As a result our customers can be calm and assured of their new blinds operating without flaw and serving their purposes. We are consistent in performing our services under the prescribed warranty and obligations that follow. The field team includes installation experts and maintenance workers who are qualified and reliable, and perform their se vices professionally and with a smile on their face. During work performance we provide employee safety accord- ing to the standards and regulations for the particular area of work. We are committed to providing our costumers a professional exp rience, developing quality prod- ucts, and creating extraordinary spaces filled with daylight.

Bound to quality– certificate ISO 9001
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