Presenting the new PERGOLA Agava™ by Soltec

Pergola Agava™ – Enjoy life outdoors

An outdoor space of modern design provides protection from the sun, wind, rain, snow, and other elements. It guarantees exceptional quality of outdoor living. The Agava is characterised by modern design and a high level of visual and thermal comfort.  The rotating blades provide excellent protection from the sun, all the while providing beneficial ventilation. The blades are de- signed to channel excess water through support columns. The quality construction is made in accordance with Eurocode standards. It provides a high degree of resistance to strong wind.

PERGOLA Agava™ main advantages

are protection from adverse weather conditions (waterproof ). It offers an excellent way of extending outdoor season usage as it offers protection from the sun, rain or snow.

PERGOLA Agava™ main qualities

are very strong and reliable construction, modern design, which offers reduction of overheating. It can be a terrace coverage or can be a stand-alone facility in the back yard.

Costume made – the strongest pergola in Europe

Pergola Agava extra strong is suitable for hotels and restaurants. This type of pergola is suitable for overlapping larger terrace, where it ensures outdoor comfort and modern lighting, while also providing the heating option in the extended season. More modules can be project-made, which results in much larger raster between columns, up to 16m.

Maximum comfort of life outdoors

Pergola Agava Light (32 m2 max modules – 4m x 6m) is made of steel legs and frames and aluminium blades. Module is made of narrower steel frame. We suggest Light version when adverse weather conditions does not allow to use ALU version.

Modern solution with standard dimensions

Pergola Agava ALU (24m2 max modules – 4mx6m) has a modern design, it lightness is suitable for individual home usage. The whole construction and blades are made of aluminium.

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