Roller shading systems K from SOLTEC™

Roller blind K is suitable for outdoor usage.

Square aluminium pipes of 75 mm, 85 mm and 110 mm in di- mensions and a round cassette of 110 mm are available. For guidance of the roller, alu- minium guides or stainless steel braid guides are available.


Roller blind K (pdf)

Roller blind K (flash)

Helioscreen Serge (pdf)

Copaco Creativity (pdf)

Soltis Black out (pdf)

Soltis 92 (pdf)

Technical data


The cartridge and guides are fixed onto the window frame. Trough the guides slides the guide of the lower weighting hose.


Drive is with a pulley, which can be fixed or removable. Also possible is drive with the electro motor. Motors can be controlled with switches, remote control, group control and automatic device for sun, wind sensors.

System of interior roller blind

Maximum width is up to 400 cm, depending on the diameter of winding hose. Weight of the linen on the roller blind is from 1.5 to 7.5 kg. Drive can be with a chainlet, spring, pulley or electric motor. It is installed with consol supports onto the ceiling, lintel or window frame. Classical system of roller blind.

Depending on the range, classical system of roller blind, which has a chainlet, are used with different systems.

To the width of 200 cm the winding hose is 32 mm, to the length of 280 cm the hose is 36 mm. Maximum height of the roller blind is 300 cm. Maximum weight of the linen is up to 3.5 kg, bottom profile of the roller blind is an aluminium hose with fi 15 mm. Dimensions of supporting consoles are 46 x 60 mm. Roller blind is suitable for large widths and all types of heavy screens and black out materials

Drive is with reduction with the ratio 1:3 or 1.9 and with a steel chainlet (force for lifting of roller blind is maximum 1.7 kg of the weight). Maximum width and height of the roller blind is 400 cm. The weight of the linen is from 1.5 to 7.5 kg. Winding hose is fi 49/3 mm.

Roller blind with a pulley

Suitable for large window dimensions, as well as for terraces. Due to endurance the system is also suitable for schools. Maximum width for the hose fi 36 is 280cm and for hose fi 60 it is 550 cm. Maximum height is 300 cm. Pulley can be removable or fixed. Consoles for hose fi 36 are 60 x 80 cm, for hose fi 60 they are 100 x 120 mm. It is installed onto the ceiling or lintel.

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