Roller shading systems ZIP from SOLTEC™

ZIP Roller system is an Ideal solution when you require efficient, simple and durable window shading.

A special feature of this system is the technological solution of side guides. The zip-per principle enables even fastening over the entire height, perfectly sealing and stretching the canvas. ZIP ROLLER is particularly suitable for class 5 windy areas. High resistance to wind is achieved by the use of welded zippers on canvas, which slide on specially designed guides.


Roller blind ZIP (pdf)

Helioscreen Serge (pdf)

Mermet Classic (pdf)

Copaco Creativity (pdf)

Soltis Black out (pdf)

Soltis B92 (pdf)

Technical data

ZIP guides are 45 x 32 mm in dimensions and are mounted on the window without any visible screws. The ZIP roller weighting profile is 32 x 36 mm in dimensions, additionally burdened with two steel profiles and padded with a brush in its lower section. ZIP ROLLER can be integrated into different types of cassettes, 75, 85 or 110 mm in dimensions, or without a cassette, in case the blind is integrated into the facade.

Sun transparency, light dispersion graphics

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