Wood or Aluminium the safest shading options.
The strongest protection with style.

Sliding and folding panels by  Soltec™

A reflection of contemporary architecture and an important element in aesthetic design of buildings.

Sliding and folding panels are a reflection of contemporary architecture and an important element in aesthetic design of buildings. They offer many possibilities, from using dif- ferent colors and materials, to obscuring or accentuating the line between glass and facade.

The panels offer effective protection against overheating of the building, as they prevent the transfer of the sun’s heat into the interior. The transparency of the panels is subject to the use of different fillers. They are resistant to wind loads and offer a high level of protection against burglary. Therefore, they are often used on buildings where protection against intrusion is particularly important .

Sliding, folding panel types

Sliding and folding panels – Standard

Effective protection against overheating

Sliding and folding panels consist of an aluminum frame (40 x 50 mm in dimensions), on which a variety of different panels can be mounted:

  • aluminum panels, 10 x 50 mm
  • aluminium plate, unperforated, 2 mm
  • aluminium perforated plate, 2 mm
  • aluminium expanded mesh, by the client preference
  • soltis canvas with the option of print
  • wooden panels, shaped by client preference

Folding panels – EXTRA WEIGHT

For heavy loads. A variety of panels possible.

The Extra Weight folding panels allow for heavy loads up to 25 kg / m2, due to their special construction. At the same time they allow for extra thickness of the panels – up to 64 mm.

Technical data



Sliding panels also include sliding wheels, upper and lower aluminum guides and opening handle. Additional components of folding panels are stainless steel hinges.


In the case of a motor drive, a motor-driven by toothed belt is also a component.

An invisble part of the facade

Panel guides are fixed to the facade via brackets in such a way that they are integrated into the facade.


Sliding panels can be maximum 1200 x 3000 mm in dimensions, while folding panels max. 600 x 3000 mm.

Extra weight


They consist of an aluminum tubular frame, 30/30 mm in dimensions, and horizontal aluminum struts of 20 mm in dimensions. Wooden vertical profiles (dimensions of 30 x 64 mm) are fixed to the aluminium frame, in an interval of 50 mm. Alternative materials can also be used, in a thickness up to 64 mm.
The panels are fixed to special stainless steel hinges, tied to the axes or sliding wheels.


The panels can be fully opened or closed manually or by way of motor drive. The dimensions of the panel can be up to 600 x 3000 mm.

Materials, colors, surface treatment

Aluminium panels can be powder coated to any RAL color, you can choose between matte, glossy or structured paint.

Extra weight

The guides are made of steel and galvanized. Castors and brackets are made of a special aluminum alloy and steel.

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