Venetian blind Z90 Soltec

Venetian blinds Z90 – specific shape for perfect fitting slats

All slats are fixed to the lift lead by using stainless steel staples and rubber profile integrated into the slat itself, which guarantees a quality fit and best dimming out of all standard blinds. The slats of the Soltec Z90 exterior venetian blinds have a specific shape and provide perfectly fitting one on top of the other


Venetian blind Z90 (flash)

Venetian blind Z90 (flash)

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Technical data


The slats rotate around their axis by means of a winch or motor. The mechanism for lifting, lowering and rotating the slats ensures stability in wind. Side guides are made of extruded aluminum, 18 x 24 mm in dimensions, padded with rubber, which allows for better and more silent gliding of the slats.


Pulley fi 15/5 mm, in standard white or gray colour, length to order.
Electro motor, integrated into the carrying cartridge with dimensions 51 x 57 mm.

Installation of the blinds

Blinds can be installed in three different ways; all three ways need 12 cm of depth. Installation into the window reveals, consoles are fixed onto the window frame, the package of folded blind is normally covered with mask, installation into the window reveals, consoles are fixed onto the lintel, the package is hidden in the façade or façade installation.

Blind Soltec Z90 is limited with the following data:

  • length of cardan rod: 300 mm
  • motor length: 300 mm
  • min. rated width: 500 mm
  • max. rated width: 4,000 mm
  • min. rated height: 500 mm
  • max. rated height: 4500 mm
  • max. surface: 15 m2
Materials and colors

Treatment of sheet material

Sheet for blinds is pre-dyed according to the coat coaling system, which means that a known set of manufacturer’s colours is applied. All standard colors are available, such as the colour scale of the Expalum catalogue or equivalent.

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