Why choose Soltec™ shades?

Soltec shades have a sign of high culture of living

The time of shutters and heavy curtains is over. Soltec shades are aesthetically perfected, ensure light regulation, protect buildings from overheating and at the same time preserve transparency. Visit us in our salon and experience unforgettable living experience.

Perfect adjustment to your needs

Own production and development enables us to completely adjust to your wishes. Do you have windows with specific dimensions, special façade colour? We will select shades that will visually connect with the building, and we will not forget about the effects of shading, such as thermal comfort, transparency, protection from burglary and complete darkening. This way you will get the most for the most appropriate price.

Once our customer, always our customer

We offer you complete service from consulting, design to installation and service. Our typical customer first needs shading of windows, then he/she also decides for shading of balcony, terrace and garden surfaces.

Recommended reading before the purchase
Are you planning a construction of a new house?

We recommend that you choose shades in the design phase. So you will ideally coordinate your shades with technical demands; you will be able to select shades that offer the most effects of shading, such as:

  • thermal comfort
  • visual comfort
  • transparency
  • protection from burglary
  • complete darkening
  • this way you will get the most for the most appropriate price


Are you planning an energy restoration of your house or apartment, where you will replace facade or windows?

We recommend that you select your shades before the beginning of work – in the design phase.

Do you have a house or apartment and you are planning to replace the windows?

We recommend that you select shades before you select windows! Your selection possibilities are limited, because of your current position, but you will have more options, if you select shades before you select windows.

You wish to change old shades or you need additional shading, but you are not planning to replace the windows?

According to the modern trends we recommend that you select exterior shades. Despite technical limitations you will be able to decide between possibility of facade installation and other compromise solution with installation onto the window. You have many options that will fulfill your expectations.

Thermal comfort adjusted to seasons

Lowered shades in the summer are excellent protection from overheating, but lifted shades in the winder can heat the room. This way you guarantee ideal temperatures in the room and thus reduce the costs of cooling and heating.

Visual comfort with evenly and dispersed light

Soltec shades enable light adjustment in the room with indirect light. Oppose to direct light (direct shine of the light) indirect light is more dispersed and even and thus more appropriate for living and working spaces.

With Soltec shades you won’t need curtains. Soltec shades enable regulation of transparency. You can completely regulate the looks out and looks from outside.

Technical conditions

Technical condition of shades installation has to be harmonized in connection with the window, façade, electrical installations, automation (group control, sun – wind regulation) or in connection with the CNS computer system. If you are constructing a building in windy area or you want to protect it from burglaries, we have special shades, adjusted to this conditions.

Which shades are on the market?

On the market we have technical and decorative shades.

Company MIPO d.o.o. develops and produces innovative technical shades SOLTEC, which have an important influence on living comfort and give it value in the sense of protection, economy and attractive look.

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